Golf For Beginners: Essential Accessories

Golf For Beginners

I plan on running a Golf For Beginners series, so starting today we are going to focus on the essential accessories that every beginner should have.

Essential Golfing Accessories

So you’ve decided on your clubs and driver, and you got a brand new golf bag (Maybe I will do a future review post about top-rated clubs and bags, what do you think). But what is next?

I went ahead and compiled a list of the most important accessories that every beginner golfer should have..

Get Some Balls..(Golf Balls right)

This may sound obvious to you, but you are going to need golf balls and tees.I know what you are thinking, I’ll just get any old golf balls and golf tees, I am probably going lose them anyway?

This was my exact same argument when I started out, but let me tell you that proper golf balls and golf tees make a huge difference, I cut my handicap with 4 strokes when I changed from “any old golf balls” to something that is a bit softer.

Srixon Soft FeelI started off with Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (which as the name implies really does have a “soft feel”) and I could immediately feel a difference around the green with my approach shots, I had a lot more bite and I could attack the flag more aggressively. Some other awesome golf balls are the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x, which I can highly recommend if you feel like treating yourself.

Honorable mentions are the TaylorMade AEROBURNER Soft Golf Balls, Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls and the Srixon Z-Star which are all great golf balls with a nice soft feel, giving you that extra confidence when chipping and approaching the green.

Getting The Correct Golf Tees

4 Yards More Golf TeeThe next items are the golf tees, and here the only thing I can say is to use the 4 Yards More Golf Tee, there is nothing quite like it and it really does give you those extra yards.what makes it really stands out is the fact that you can only insert the tee to a certain extent which gives you way more consistency off the tee box.

What makes it really stands out is the fact that you can only insert the tee to a certain extent which gives you way more consistency off the tee box.

They have a bunch of different options depending on your needs, from teeing of using a driver up to teeing off with your iron.

Get Yourself a Comfortable Golf Glove..

FootJoy WeatherSoftThere is a rule of thumb; if you wear the glove and you open your hand, the glove should stretch just enough so that if you use your other hand you should not be able to feel your palm.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the synthetic gloves as I feel they don’t have enough “feel” and I can personally recommend the Footjoy Weathersoft Glove.

Other golf gloves which I have really enjoyed are the Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove and the Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves.

Note: Remember if you are right handed you should get a glove for your left hand.

Get A Pitch Mark Repair Tool

Next item is a pitch mark repair tool; just get one that you like, I like the ones that come with a magnet golf ball marker included, something like this.

Amazon has a huge selection and I am sure you will find something that suits your own personal style.

This is really one of those items that come down the golfing etiquette that I discuss in this post.

A Golf Umbrella is a must for those sunny or rainy days..

Golf UmbrellaDepending on where you live a golfing umbrella could be used for those unexpected rain showers or to block out the sun, you don’t want to be caught on the fifth hole when a thundershower hits and you have to walk all the way back to the clubhouse soaking wet.

I can personally recommend the Labvon Travel Foldable Umbrella, it folds up nice and small as to not take up extra space and is not overly small as to not provide protection and for such a small umbrella it is very sturdy.

Another umbrella worth mentioning is the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella, which I haven’t personally used but I am hearing a lot of good things about.

Look Professional and Get Yourself A Golf Brush and Towel

You are also going to need a golf brush to clean your clubs (I do recommend cleaning them before every game, but we all get lazy sometimes) and is perfect to clean that wedge after hacking away at the bunker or trying to get out of that thick rough.

Golf Brush and Groove CleanerI have the STIXX Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner which conveniently clips onto your golf bag and has a golf shoe spike cleaner built in, but you can get anyone you like, I would just recommend you get one with a bag clip as you don’t want to fiddle in your bag to find it.

For using the golf towel, you will want to wet it half way each nine, the wet side you can use to clean your golf balls and the dry side..(well you get the idea).

I have a Ping Golf Tri-Fold Towel and a TaylorMade Golf- Microfiber Cart Towel, but It really depends on your taste. Amazon has a nice selection of towels to choose from.

Protect Yourself with a Golf Hat and sunblock

You will need golf hat or golf cap in the warmer places along with some sunblock, again it really depends on your tastes and personal needs. I personally like the Golf Caps that don’t have a strap, but it is up to you. I personally have a lot of caps including the TaylorMade TM15 Pipeline Hat Taylormade Golf Capwhich is very stylish and does a good job of not sweating through, I also have a vast majority of Titleist Sports Mesh 2016 Hat in different colors as these caps are very comfortable.

Depending on where you live a Beanie could be more necessary, I personally only have one but that is because it really doesn’t get that cold around here that often

For the sunscreen, get something suited to your skin, I personally like a SPF 30, but that is just me.. just make sure it is non oily and a spray. Something like the this Nivea Sun Protection Spray works perfect


Socks To Be You..

Last but not least is get yourself some comfortable socks, you will be wearing them for a whole day and especially when walking the course; not wearing the proper socks can be somewhat frustrating and in some cases painful.

That’s about it for the essential accessories, don’t forget to subscribe if you liked this list, we will be adding new content daily.

If there is any product that you would like reviewed, let me know and I will see what I can do.

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