Golf For Beginners: Golf Etiquette

Why is Golf Etiquette Important?

Today I will be posting about what I believe put many people off of the sport of golf.

When you hear the term golf etiquette you probably get the idea in your head about some old guys dressed to the tees (Hmm, maybe that’s where that saying comes from..) shouting at you for not playing quick enough or scowling at you to tuck in your shirt..

Well that may be the case, but I have found that if you follow these basic rules; you will mostly be OK from disgruntled looks and sneers.

I have found most golfers are pretty easy going and as long as you try and show some sort of respect (show you are trying and ask a bunch of questions as you go along) you will be fine..

Dress Code Is Important

Golf shirt Golf ShortLook I am not saying wear your best church clothes, but a simple golf shirt (basically a shirt with a collar) will do fine; pair that with a decent pair of pants and a belt and you are good to go..

Most golf courses don’t even mind if you wear shorts!

Golf shoes are nice to have and do have distinct advantages (which I will be talking about in a future post), but if you’re just starting out, wearing a decent pair of trainers are also acceptable.

Wait Your Turn

Don’t just walk off and hit your ball as soon as you find it..wait a minute and look around, are there people in your four ball behind you on the course? Let them hit the ball first, basically the player whose ball is the furthest from the pin must hit the ball first; easy right?

Also, check and make sure that there is no-one in front of you within range of your next shot..if do mistakenly hit the ball and it’s heading straight to someone yell “FORE!!!” or something to get the attention of the people in front of you.

Keep A Steady Pace

Don’t worry about playing slow, in the beginning everybody does.. but if you are keeping the people behind you back, rather ask them if they would want to play through?

If you are in a four ball and there is a single or two golfers behind you, you can also let them play through..

Repair Your Divots

Look, it happens to all of us and in some cases (when you get better) hitting a divot is actually what is supposed to happen, but for those of us starting out, you are going to hit a lot of divots, which is basically the same as taking a bulldozer and going to town on the course.

Take your divot (ball of grass) and place it back over the huge hole you created and just tap it in with your club (If you are using a cart they probably have some sand which you can throw over your “repaired” hole)

Driving A Golf Cart

At least try and be sensible, don’t go driving over plants and never ever drive unto the green or even near it, they are quite expensive to maintain and you driving over them is not helping at all..

Taking Your Practice Swing

A practice swing is important, it helps you gain some confidence and also gives you a good idea of the direction your ball is going to travel (more on that in a future post) as well as if your gripping the club at the correct length.

But please make sure you take the swing out of reach of other people, and also not behind someone that doesn’t know what you are up to, he can turn around and be hit in the face..

Repair Your Pitch Marks

Look I know when your just starting out, hitting the green comes with a lot of joy and shouting all sorts of obscenities, but just relax and use your Pitch Repair Tool to fix the green..(See more about essential accessories for every beginner in my previous post) and then continue with the parade.

Talking Can Get You Killed..

talking on backswingJust kidding, but don’t talk on someone’s back swing..seriously

This is probably the most “deadly sin” on the golf course.. Talking when someone is about to take their swing.

As soon as someone lines up to take his/her swing/practice swing, keep a sock in it and you will be just fine (some people can get real uptight about this).

Rake That Bunker

I know, this one kind of sucks..well for me at least, because I always manage to be on the opposite side of where the broom is.

On The Putting Green

golf etiquette guidelinesIf you see someone’s ball behind yours (he needs to put first) and your ball is remotely in his way, rather mark your ball’s position with a ball marker (You can check out my post about essential accessories here).

Also, try and not walk straight through someones putting line and try and stand still while others are putting.

That’s about all I can think of.. I am sure there are loads more, but I am sure these tips will keep you safe.

If you are still unsure check out The Golf Handbook on Amazon.

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