The Best Golf Mat in 2017

Who Needs a Golf Mat..

Said no one ever..

Look we all want to look like the guy hitting the ball into the sunset, but to get there we need to practice and get that swing to stick into muscle memory and for that, you need to swing that golf club, again and again.

You want to have conditions as close as possible to the course and for that, you need grass right? Even if you have the right conditions at home; how long before you cant hide those divots from the wife? Poor Fido won’t know what hit him after the umpteenth hole that he has allegedly dug up..

This is where golf hitting mats and golf practice mats come into play. You can take them anywhere and as a plus, with most of the golf mats I list here you can practice your golf stroke indoors out of the blistering cold or the scorching sun. If you are looking at purchasing yourself a golf mat, you have come to the right place..

Today we are looking at some of the best selling golf mats available on the market. We are going to show you the best golf mat available for all budgets, so don’t worry if you’re not  Warren Buffet, we have something for you..

1. Golf Mats (Entry Level)

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf MatRukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat

The Rukket Tri-Turf Mat has three turf types (as implied in the name):

  • Tee Turf: You can tee up your Driver with real golf tees (so basically it doubles as a Golf Driving Mat)
  • Fairway/Rough: Very close to being on the course fairway, perfect for practicing those iron shots.
  • Clean Lie: Very clean surface, perfect for practicing those chips around the green.

The mat isn’t huge, its size is 25in x 16in (62cm x 40cm) and at first felt kind of small, but I quickly got used to it.

Rukket Tri-Turf Verdict

The only two “issues” I had with this mat was the size, which I did eventually get used to and the fact the the “Rough” is more resembling of fairway, so I would have appreciated a bit longer grass section..

But for the price tag this mat is fantastic, not only does it have 3 different turf types, but for that price, you would suspect the quality to have taken a knock, which it hasn’t.  I hit roughly 200 balls on each of the 3 turf types and I got plenty of “thick” hits through out and the mat still looks hardly used. Overall it has a nice feel to it and does a good job of simulating real grass.


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2. Golf Hitting Mats (Mid Range Level)

FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat


The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat I found is very well suited to practicing your short game, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work well for your long iron shots.  It’s revolutionary design really won me over and it had to make an appearance on this list.

The design includes a sliding turf surface that allows golfers to hit down-and-through and actually compress the ball, accurately simulating ball flight and the feel of carving out a divot after striking the ball.This is a golf practice mat system that reacts when it’s impacted by a golf club, sliding forward and giving way, just like real grass does and provides more accurate feedback from your golf shots. This golf practice mat is perfect for chipping practice and gives a very accurate representation of actually hitting on turf.

It is also fully portable, consisting of two flip up panels; the first of these panels is for ball storage while the other panel is used to secure the mat by sliding into a larger standing mat, which unfortunately is sold separately.. but if you intend to only you use The FairwayPro at the range then the other mat is not really necessary.

If you do plan on using this mat at home, you will have to purchase a separate mat. I see some clients recommend using the SKLZ Stance Trainer with it.


  • Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 1 3/8 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 10 pounds

FairwayPro Verdict

Unlike other golf practice mats, when you hit behind the ball, the club may bounce off the mat and strike the ball cleanly giving the illusion that you hit a clean shot.

With FairwayPro, I immediately knew when I hit it fat,  because the impact causes the turf surface to start sliding forward causing me to hit the ball with much less force giving quite a accurate representation of a “fat” golf shot. As mentioned it is perfect for the short game, but using it with you normal irons is still great.

The quality is excellent, pair that with that you can actually replace the turf; this is a really excellent product, I can recommend it to anyone looking for a golf hitting mat.


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3. Golf Hitting Mats (High Range Level)

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

Real Feel Golf Mat Real Feel Golf Mat

Now we are starting to get into the golf pad premium range. They do have some different sizes available, the smallest starting at about $240, the one we tested out was a larger one sized at 3 ‘x 5 ‘.  I must say it is very much worth it if you can afford it.

The manufacturer holds a patent on combining heavy mono-filament fibers and also was the first golf hitting mat that could hold a real golf tee and drew a lot of attention in it’s release at around 2006. After all these years for these mats to still be around really does say something about the quality and workmanship of these products.

The use of the trademarked Long Dense Fiber System (TM) allows a much truer strike of the ball; effectively eliminating the bounce you get off of other golf hitting mats.


Various models

Country Club Elite Real Feel Verdict

This is really a premium golf pad, for a not so premium price tag, it is also endorsed by 2009 PGA National Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender (which I believe probably knows more than me). From my experience; this was probably the cleanest hit I got, through out all of the testing.  Couple that with the ability to hold an actual tee and excellent manufacturing quality I cannot recommend this mat enough.


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Today I showed you three great golf hitting mats for most budgets, I know there are a lot more expensive options out there, but I truly do feel if you don’t have a very specific need for those more expensive ones, that these three options would suit most folks out there.

Let me know if any of you folks out there have one of these golf mats and what do you think?

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