The Best Golf Net in 2017

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Our Take On Some The Most Popular Golf Nets Available

So why do you need a Golf Practice Net, or like some call it a Golf Driving Net?

This entry links up with my previous post about some the best golf practice mats out there today..

If you already have a golf hitting mat and plan on using it at home, it is only going to be a matter of time before you get bored of swinging the golf club but not actually hitting a golf ball.

Golf practice nets are a great way to focus on your swing in your own backyard. Like we all know in golf; repetition is the secret to success. Investing in good golf training aids like a proper golf practice net is one of the best ways to improve your golf swing, because you can do it from the comfort of your own back yard; no more driving to the range and no more “practicing” on the golf course..

There are quite a few golf practice nets available on the market today. How do you decide? Well that’s why I decided to do some research and come up with a list of some of the best golf practice nets available today.

In my mind the things tat come to mind when considering a golf practice net are the following points

  • Net strength and durability – The is probably the biggest concern for all of us, as you wouldn’t want a golf ball to fly straight through the net.
  • Ease of set up – This was my second biggest factor, being quite a lazy person..
  • Environmental Durability – As previously mentioned I am not the most energetic person out there and the thought of having to set up the net every time I want to take a few swings is quite discouraging. So how well will the golf practice net hold up against the elements.

1.Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net

Rukket Haack Golf Net

Rukket Haack Golf Net

The first golf hitting net that I investigated was the Rukket Haack golf net. This was designed by Christ Haack, and advertises that it is durable, affordable, and has an easy set up, so let’s see how those claims stack up..

I initially thought the net area was overly large. However, being a novice myself, I soon found that the net area was a actually a good size. In fact, the wife could argue that for me, it wasn’t big enough…but that’s just because she loves me ­čÖé

As for its weight, while still in the bag it was easy enough to cart around. But once it is set up you will need a second person to help you move it around.

Rukket Haack Golf NetThis golf practice net also claims to have the ability to return your ball to you after it has been hit. This feature works well when hitting the ball straight into the center of the net, but a hook shot is probably not coming back..but that is no fault of the net itself.

The net’s strength was excellent, and didn’t show any signs of decay. As for leaving the net up full time, I found that if you unhook the top two connectors and let the net lay on the ground you will nullify the wind factor and its like literally 10 seconds to hook it back up again.



Overall an excellent golf hitting net, The standard package includes:

  • The Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net
  • A durable carry bag which easily fits into any trunk.

It also comes in a bundle pack, which includes:

  • The Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net
  • A chipping target
  • The Rukket tri-turf gold hitting mat (This is an excellent mat, as found in my review)
  • A durable carry bag which easily fits into any trunk.


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2. Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net

Spornia Golf NetSpornia Golf Net







The second option is the Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net. This is a large net (7ft x 8ft x 8ft ) , with a bulls eye in the center, and come on who doesn’t like a hit a bulls eye?

The ball return functionality actually worked pretty well, with the bottom part of the net being tilted, even on some skew shots it worked really well.

This net is of a very high quality, as can be expected because it is almost twice what the Ruckket Haack net is, but this is a case of you get what you pay for and I still think it is a excellent buy.

Spornia Golf NetOne thing that I must mention, Initially I struggled to set up the net, but luckily the wife is a bit more technical than me (and reads instructions) and after a few goes, I can honestly say this golf hitting net is a breeze to set up.

As for leaving this golf hitting net up I read some people advise to put some weights on the base to keep the net down.. just to keep the net grounded when a gust of wind comes along



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3.SKLZ Quickster Golf Net

SKLZ Quickster Golf NetAnother option for improving your golf swing and part of the more affordable accessories list, is the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net. This is another portable net, but priced a little lower than the Rukket version.

I really liked the chipping targets, it made for fun drinking games over the weekend..but that aside it is a nice touch.

It is said that you need to stake the net down, which I found is not really true (but probably safer if the manufacturer recommends it).

SKLZ Quickster Golf NetIt is very light and easy to carry around, and set up is a breeze and can be done by one person which is a plus point. The net size was a bit small for my liking (6ft x 6ft), and I can see that a person that regularly hooks or shanks the ball could end up in trouble with this net. Also the ball return didn’t work as well as the previous two nets that I tested..

The quality seemed fair for the price you are paying; overall a very nice golf hitting net.


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4. Ancheer Golf Hitting Net

Ancheer Golf Hitting Net





The last net I looked at was the Ancheer Golf Hitting Net. Like the SKLZ Quickster, this is intended for backyard use.

Ancheer Golf Hitting Net

This net has a curved frame, much like a soccer net and is quite large (10ft x 7ft x 3ft). The net is nice and tight, and the poles are made from fiberglass which creates a fast recovery after being hit.

This is a very sturdy golf practice net, with the only downside (that’s probably how they got he price so low) is that it is not waterproof – so unfortunately┬á you wont be able to leave this net out in the elements.

The set up is not as easy as the other nets, taking about 5 minutes, which considering the price that is not too bad.


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Today I showed you four great golf hitting nets for most budgets, all these nets would pair very well with any of the golf practice mats I reviewed in a previous post.

Let me know if any of you folks out there have one of these nets and what do you think?



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